Swift 县 评估员

The 评估员 oversees the valuation and classification of all real property in Swift 县. The 21 townships contract with local assessors while the eight cities and villages contract with the 县 评估员. The 评估员’s Office also appraises and classifies certain personal property for ad valorem property taxes.

Other duties include:

  • Locates and determines which properties are subject to taxation.
  • Determines the use of each property and assigns a classification based upon that use.
  • Determines which properties qualify for homestead.  A homestead application must be filed in order to be considered for the homestead classification.  You must own and occupy your primary place of residency by December 1st and make the application by December 15th.  Applications are available at the 评估员's Office.
  • Determines estimated market value of each property by analyzing and reflecting market transactions.
  • Annually notifies the taxpayer of the classification and market value of their property.
  • Provides useful public information to realtors, appraisers, and other interested persons.

The primary role of the 评估员's Office is to classify and equitably value all properties within the county.  Property taxes are determined from a myriad of factors including the following:

  • Budget decisions of your township/city board as well as the local school and county board.
  • Voter approved school bond and operating levies.
  • Special assessments such as drainage ditch maintenance, sewer, streets, curb and gutter, etc.

Your property tax bill may also be changed dramatically as a result of law or formula aid changes made by the Minnesota 状态 Legislature or federal government. If you have any questions, please feel free to call our office.